Monday, October 18, 2010


This morning I awoke not hungover from scotch, but with a burning in my stomach so harsh
that I was unable to write.  Nothing has prevented me from writing other than tiredness.  That said,
I've decided to punish myself.  No drinky drinks for an entire month.

What is this?  this is a daily diary blog about my month without booze. 

Why blog?  well, I'm not very good about staying on the wagon.  The first day
of not drinking is the easiest because you know you'll be having that drink the
next day.  I figure have a blog and invite people to follow because public humiliation
could be the key.

I don't plan on not drinking again.  What I'd like is to return back to earth like the rest
of you, and limit my drinks to the weekend.  This means that I'd like
to advance from following up four pints of Bud with a chaser of five glasses of wine
to something a tad more reasonable.

Each morning I will write a 500 word (more or less) diary of my non-drinking


  1. this sounds awesome, man...i'll come along for the ride.

  2. thanks brian....and by the way, i fucking miss Zygote in my Coffee.

  3. I wish you luck on your journey. I love your poems on your other blog.

  4. i haven't seen a new post in like 2 weeks...did the wheels fall off the wagon already?